August Functional Forum


The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to bring to you one of the most important integrative medicine conferences in history. In June 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, some of the most important organizations came together for the “International Congress on Integrative Health & Medicine: From Disease Treatment to Health Creation”. Register now »



Discover a technology that helps you to empower your patients to take ownership of their health and stress-levels. Learn about the most popular Heart Rate Variability tracker used by 25,000 practitioners in over 100 countries. Watch Here »

Leading Your Health Community

Become A Leader In Your Health Community

Practice great medicine, but don’t get enough referrals? Discover why stepping up as a leader in your local health community could be your smartest move!

FF Local Meetups

Local Meetups

Our plan for delivering lasting change in medicine is to empower physicians and providers to deliver high value, community focused, root cause resolution medicine in every zip code of this country.Find out more »