September 2020 Functional Forum: Practice Resilience

Monday, September 14, 2020
5pm PDT, 7pm CDT & 8pm EDT


  • Dr. Nicole Shorrock and Dr. Katie Long
  • Sam Warren and Amber Warren, PA, IFMCP
  • Tom Malterre, MS, CN
  • Paulette Jordan

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its next Functional Forum on the topic of Practice Resilience, showcasing two practices that are lighting the path for the future of healthcare. We chose this year as our Year of Resilience, but the pandemic has placed incredible strain on the functional medicine industry, just like primary care and family medicine. In this Forum, we’re featuring two clinics that have come back even stronger from the pandemic. Practitioners from both of these clinics are members of our Practice Accelerator program, which has open enrollment through the month of September 2020.

The first clinic we will hear from is Ollie Health. This practice is an amazing story of resilience because when the pandemic started, Ollie Health did not exist. When we last heard from functional medicine pediatrician sisters Dr. Nicole Shorrock and Dr. Katie Long in the March Functional Forum, they were working to reverse chronic illness at their practice inside a local hospital system having been salaried employees their whole career. As you will hear in the episode, a month into COVID-19, they learned their contract would be abruptly ended and they had 30 days to work out what they were going to do next. Using the Practice Accelerator, they were able to launch a membership-based pediatric practice and fill the practice in a short period of time.

In the last two years, Functional Medicine of Idaho has grown from a single clinic to a multi-location, multi-practitioner organization delivering functional medicine, while billing insurance, to people in and around Idaho. The organization is led by husband and wife team Sam Warren and Amber Warren, PA-C, IFMCP, and staffed by a clinical team including Mark Holthouse, MD, IFMCP, who is also on the IFM teaching faculty, as well as Tom Malterre, MS, CN. On the Forum, we’ll look at what’s made Functional Medicine of Idaho successful and hear from Sam and Amber. We’ll also hear from Tom and talk to Dr. Holthouse about their vision and how they will continue to build resilience into the practice.

Rounding out this episode, we will hear from Paulette Jordan, who is running for US Senate and would be the first First Nations person elected to the Senate. One of her platforms is recommending functional and integrative medicine as the future of healthcare, so we decided to take her on a tour of Functional Medicine of Idaho to showcase what functional medicine could look like on insurance, with group visits, and with health coaches on staff.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Forum!

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