August 2020 Functional Forum: Community Resilience

Monday, August 3, 2020
5pm PDT, 7pm CDT & 8pm EDT


  • Dr. Jeffrey Egler
  • John Weeks
  • Dr. Christopher Mote

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the 80th Functional Forum on the topic of “Community Resilience.” Ever since we traveled to Cleveland Clinic back in December 2018 for a Functional Forum event, we’ve been keen to showcase the adoption of functional medicine into large medical institutions. This month, the Functional Forum comes from the corporate headquarters of Adventist Health in Roseville, CA

Adventist Health is a significant healthcare system: It includes more than 20 hospitals and 300 clinics across four states on the west coast of America. As you’ll hear in the episode, it was founded by the Seventh Day Adventists, who are well-known for creating America’s only Blue Zone in Loma Linda, CA. Adventist Health has taken their commitment to community health to a whole new level by acquiring Blue Zones, an organization that certifies and organizes communities to become healthier based on the concept of the Blue Zones, popularized by Dan Buettner.

Our keynote speaker for this month’s Forum is Dr. Jeffrey Egler, a certified functional medicine practitioner and former medical director at Parsley Health LA. With his extensive background in functional medicine, family medicine and bioinformatics, he was recruited by Adventist Health to help grow functional medicine within their healthcare system. In this interview, he will be sharing new developments in this project.

Then, on the topic of community resilience, we will hear from John Weeks, who is the editor of the Journal of Applied Complementary Medicine. Last year, he guest-edited a special issue on group-delivered services and the many benefits of community care. Our interview with him comes from the Integrated Medicine for the Underserved conference, where he discussed all aspects of how group visits can aid in community resilience.

Last but not least, we will feature an interview with Dr. Christopher Mote. Earlier this year, during the first stages of the pandemic, Dr. Mote gave an incredible interview on how he transitioned to virtual group visits, particularly virtual group visits for lab review, which is a significant innovation in the delivery of functional medicine.

All these interviews will come together to showcase how functional medicine delivered within a community framework can be a focus for creating more resilient communities. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to showcase Adventist Health as a leader in the convergence of community health and functional medicine group visits.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Forum!

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