• Dr. Andrew Heyman
  • Dr. Christopher Mote
  • Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the 77th episode of the Functional Forum, “Mitochondrial Medicine.” We’re excited to return to a live format for this Forum—James will be hosting the event on the Functional Forum YouTube channel, and there will be time afterwards for questions.

Last month, we brought you a lecture from Dr. Bob Naviaux on the cell danger response. This new mechanism informs not only a new understanding of how mitochondria work and how important they are to optimal health, but also builds on the rationale of using functional medicine to treat the chronic inflammatory diseases on the rise globally.

With that framework in mind, in this episode we’re sharing more content from Dr. Andrew Heyman that was captured at a George Washington University event held last year in Dallas, TX. Dr. Heyman, one of the best-known educators in the functional medicine space, will lay the foundation for what mitochondrial medicine is and why we need to practice it. He will also discuss the specifics of mitochondrial biology and membrane fluidity.

This episode will also feature Dr. Shilpa Saxena, another well-known educator in our space and founder of the Group Visit Toolkit. She will discuss the stress, heart and energy connection and explain how clinicians can best leverage this connection and its health implications in their practices.

Last but not least, we will also feature Dr. Christopher Mote, a leading functional medicine clinician in Colorado. He will be sharing his wisdom on implementing mitochondrial medicine in a practice that takes both insurance and cash. He will also share how he built and sustains a hybrid practice. On the clinical side, he will discuss circadian rhythms and how they influence physiological resiliency.

Make sure to tune in live on Monday, May 4th and have your questions ready!