+ Dr. Cynthia Thaik
+ Dr. Omid Naim
+ Dr. Joel Warsh

The Evolution of Medicine is excited to kick off its 64th episode of the Functional Forum by coming back to not only its roots, but to the most consistent theme of our organization: Community.

The Functional Forum started as a community for likeminded practitioners in New York in 2014 and evolved into hundreds of communities on six continents. Mirroring that journey has been the content we have shared on the power of community, from social genomics at the cellular level, to the Cleveland Clinic, to the Blue Zones at the population level, even to Journey to 100 at the level of a sovereign nation.

How fitting, then, to shoot this month’s show at a one of our satellite Functional Forum meetups with some of the doctors leading the charge in this area. Interestingly, we are featuring a cardiologist, a psychiatrist and a pediatrician, three specialties that are evolving to functional medicine concepts most rapidly.

Dr. Cynthia Thaik is an integrative cardiologist and founder of the Glendale Chapter of the Functional Forum, running some of the biggest meetups anywhere in the world. In her interview, she shared the tangible value to not only her practice, but also to the whole community of practitioners and their patients that have come from activating local meetup groups.

Dr. Omid Naim is an integrative psychiatrist and founder of La Maida Institute, where this episode was filmed. Having built a successful model combining integrative practitioners, he realized that the missing link was community, connecting patients who want to get well to each other. He will share wisdom from the journey so far and the vision for the future.

Dr. Joel Warsh is an integrative pediatrician and passionate about building community. We will hear from him and many other practitioners who have used different community structures for supporting effective patient care. The most obvious of these structures are Group Visits or Shared Medical Appointments, and you can find out more about them at Group Visit Toolkits or listening to our new podcast series on Group Visits.