+ Dr. Jeffery Bland
+ Dr. Thomas G. Guilliams
+ Dr. Christopher Mote

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present the 67th episode of the Functional Forum on the cutting-edge topic of biological rhythms. In April 2019, The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute held their “Mastering the Implementation of Lifestyle Medicine” conference, and this Forum will bring you interviews and content from that event. The sheer volume of science in the emerging fields of biological rhythms demonstrates the influence of not only circadian rhythm, but also clock genes, hormonal rhythms and more.

We will hear from the conference chairman, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, as he gives an overview of the evolution of this new science.

Making his Functional Forum debut is Tom Guilliams, PhD, a leading researcher and educator on the HPA axis, as he connects the emerging science to brain function.

We also feature Christopher Mote, DO, DC, who runs a sophisticated functional medicine practice and brings practical tools that any practice can implement into clinical practice.