• Patrick Hanaway, MD
  • Vincent Pedre, MD
  • Miles Bodzin DC

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to kick off our Year of Reinvention with a Functional Forum looking into the key areas that we see medicine being reinvented. During the Forum, we will consider three significant aspects of the reinvention: the mindset, the clinical focus and the payment models.

Our first guest will be Dr. Patrick Hanaway, who has played several key roles in evolving medicine, from Chief Medical Officer at Genova Diagnostics, to the Cleveland Clinic, to a passion for indigenous medicine. In the interview, we discussed the basis for reinvention including community, technology and real primary care.

Our next guest is Dr. Vincent Pedre, a leading educator and physician focused on gut health. In this presentation, Dr. Pedre covers the evolution of his protocol for dysbiosis, including clinical tips and product recommendations. The protocol specifically showcases how to use nutraceuticals and lifestyle to counter the negative downstream effects of pharmaceutical antimicrobials that can leave patients cycling.

Our final guest is Dr. Miles Bodzin, the creator of CashPractice.com. Dr. Bodzin shared how the “Four Fs” of retention changed his practice forever and how practitioners can execute cardiometabolic programs within their content partnership with Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center, one of our sponsors.