The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its 56th Functional Forum: Evolution of Endocrinology.
This Forum will be streamed LIVE from the KNEW Vision Tour event in Minneapolis, MN.

The Tour is a national grassroots effort to raise awareness about functional medicine as the solution to our nation’s healthcare crisis.
Endocrinology is a speciality which encompasses many of today’s complex chronic diseases— from Type 2 diabetes and blood sugar issues through hormonal imbalances to mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

This episode will showcase the timely evolution of this traditionally-conservative branch of medicine, with a show-stopping line-up expert speakers including:

Dr. Kara Parker—a Minneapolis-based functional medicine physician, sharing her work on the cross-section between root cause functional medicine and community access using group visits

Dr. Mark Menolascino—whom you may remember from our first Evolution of Medicine Summit “The Evolution of Endocrinology”, will be presenting on the link between toxicity and endocrine disruption, and how to address its’ root cause

Mark Newman, MS founder of Precision Analytical (makers of the DUTCH Test)—will offer his clinical tips on finding the root cause of chronic hormone imbalances which often masquerade as other “unrelated” conditions

Cassie Bjork, RD— registered dietician and international best-selling author will share her story inspiring story of how she gave up her dietetics license to offer real nutritional guidance on her terms