• Liz Lyster, MD
  • Martha Southwick, NP
  • Shilpa Saxena, MD, IFMCP

The Evolution of Medicine’s thrilled to announce our next Functional Forum on detoxification and hosting group detox events for your patients in 2021.

We know that for many practitioners in functional integrative medicine, the first quarter of the year provides an opportunity to engage in the community in understanding toxins in all varieties, how they affect health, and what can be done to remove them. This Forum is an incredible opportunity to bring your community together and improve programs that have been around for decades.

In this Functional Forum, we’ll be talking about why detoxification is an important part of functional medicine practice. We will also talk about signs and symptoms you might see in patients that would lead you to recommend a detoxification strategy. We will be speaking with practitioners and technologists in the field who are making it easy for practitioners to execute these ideas.

We will hear from Dr. Liz Lyster and Dr. Martha Southwick, who each bring a unique perspective on this topic. We will be joined by Dr. Shilpa Saxena, creator of Group Visit Toolkits, to discuss the Healthy Weight for Life Group Visit Toolkit and how detoxification is a huge principle for jump starting weight loss. Also, we’ll discuss how you can implement these toolkits into your practice even with visits being virtual. We’ll be talking about how far the technology’s come and how it integrates with our partners Fullscript and Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center, and how they can make it easy for you to launch a program like this in 2021.