Evolution of Psychiatry
Monday, Feb 6, 2017 @ 8pm EDT
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To set the stage for the February 2017 show on the Evolution of Psychiatry, watch this presentation from Dr. Kelly Brogan from the 2014 Evolution of Medicine Summit.
"Building local communities of integrative practitioners around the world is the most important next step for the evolution of medicine."
James Maskell
February 2017 Show Sponsors
Nudge Coach
  • Imagine having your own app that empowers your patients to focus on lifestyle change in-between visits. Customize what you want your patients tracking and monitor compliance in real-time.
  • Seamlessly incorporate health apps, wearables and devices into patient care.
  • Provide feedback in the app and ensure that every patient feels supported by your practice 24.7.365.
Visit HeartMath
  • Cutting edge, 9-episode documentary series dedicated to raising awareness about thyroid disease and showing people how to recover their health with functional medicine
  • Protocols for Hashimoto's, Graves', postpartum thyroiditis, thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules are addressed by over 100 brilliant experts and 67 courageous thyroid patients
Freedom Practice Coaching
  • The Practice Accelerator is the quintessential training program for practitioners, teaching step-by-step strategies to build a super successful modern practice.
  • This is the how-to on technology, automation, and a library of powerful insights on education that doubles as marketing.
  • Plus how to build your practitioner referral network in a way that provides an upsurge of new patient leads into your practice.
  • Watch the webinar!

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