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Top Issue On Every Health Practitioner’s Mind

What is the top issue on every health practitioner’s mind?

Many health professionals wonder how to build a strong community practice, provide the highest quality of care, and have more free time to live the lifestyle they dream of. Are you wondering about that too?

Over the last many years, we have spoken to thousands of practitioners to learn what their most pressing concerns were, so we could serve practitioners like you shift into thrive mode. We discovered four common challenges…

A. How to get more referrals of patients who are proactive about their health
B. How to get the right team of employees together that help the practice grow
C. How to have a busy practice and still have free time so you can lead the lifestyle you recommend for your patients
D. How to improve patient compliance so patients are playing an active role

It turns out that all these challenges were interconnected, where getting more patients to join was directly impacting having no free time due to a busy practice. And very commonly, not having the right team of employees directly affected patient compliance.

If there was no singular symptom that was the culprit, what was the root cause?

Nearly 100% of the time it was a overall lack of systems. Systems for:

  • Hiring and Training Employees
  • Pre-Educating and Educating Your Patients
  • Marketing To Enroll New Patients In The Practice

In hindsight, we can see why that’s the case — as the health professional, you love helping people on their healing journey.

So it makes sense that most health professionals and doctors have only cursory knowledge about how the right systems and an entrepreneurial approach could help them serve more patients, have more free time, have a team that is committed to the vision of the practice, all while optimizing cash flow and revenue.

As a result, we decided to offer free 30-minute consultation sessions with one of our highly experienced Functional Forum concierges to help health professionals like yourself…

UNDERSTAND the best systems that are working right now in Functional and Integrative medicine (and which ones are most appropriate for your unique practice needs)

LEARN optimal practices to patient retention and compliance through systems for pre-education and ongoing support

SAVE time and money by becoming more efficient so you can help more people

So if you’re ready to take that first committed step towards a future where you impact more patients, have more free time, a better team, and more revenue — then request your complimentary concierge session below.